Pyroban offers a range of explosion protection (ATEX) starter motors for both materials handling and diesel engine applications. The FPS (Flame Proof Starter) range is certified for use in an ATEX Zone 2 hazardous area.

Materials Handling

FPS23 Starter Motor – 300804129

The FPS23 starter motor is suitable for use on industrial vehicles in Zone 2 hazardous areas.

The unit is a pre-engaged type supplied in a robust steel flameproof casing. The unit includes 4m of supply cable wired through Exd glands. The unit has double pole wiring which is insulated from chassis. An internal thermal switch prevents the motor and surface overheating and causing ignition.

Adaptor plates and pinions are available to suit specific engine types up to 6l capacity and are available on application.


  • 300804129 » Standard starter motor, 35mmSQ. Power cables, 3m length leads.
  • 300804129/50 » Standard starter motor, 50mmSQ. Power cables, 3m length leads.
  • 300804129/H » Glands protrude at 90° to all above variations, 35mmSQ. Power cables, 3m length leads
  • 300804129/J » Signal cable gland variation, 35mmSQ. Power cables, 3m length leads.
  • 300804129/L » Standard starter motor, 35mmSQ. Power cables, 5m length leads.
  • 300804129/N » Standard starter motor, pinion 300800155/2 fitted, 35mmSQ. Power cables, 3m length leads

FPSC0190 Starter Motor – 802792

This starter motor is intended for installation on materials handling equipment with diesel engines up to 6 litres when used in hazardous areas.

The robust casing is constructed in anodised aluminium alloy. The unit has double poled electric connections insulated from chassis and is fitted with an internal thermal switch to prevent the outer casing reaching its temperature class.


  • 802792/1 » 12V/2.5kW » Toyota applications
  • 802792/3 » 12V/2.7kW » Hyster applications
  • 802792/4 » 24V/4.5kW » General applications

Fixed Diesel Engine Applications

We have a range of engine-specific starter motors for both pneumatic and hydraulic applications which we offer on a POA basis. For more information please contact us with your requirements.

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